Miracle is that an image
touches your soul

Gabriel Guerra Bianchini is a self-taught photographer born in Havana on September 13, 1984. Ten years ago he transformed his passion into his profession.
He has devoted most of his photographic work to document performing arts in several countries, including the Leo Brouwer Festival of Chamber Music (2010-2015, Cuba), Rio Loco Festival ( France), Pause Guitare (France), Viva America (Spain), Havana World Music (Cuba), Jazz Plaza (Cuba) and many more.
His work, whether personal or professional, has been published on medias such as Garbos magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Vistar magazine, OnCuba, El Caimán Barbudo, Opus Habana, Cubadebate, La Gaceta, La Jiribilla, and others. His photographs have been part of recordings such as "Amoríos" by Silvio Rodríguez; "50 de 22" by Pablo Milanés; "Essential - Limited Edition" by Leo Brouwer; "Delante de un tal vez" by Francisco Cespedes; "Canciones de Otoño" by Jose María Vitier, "El viaje" by Harold Lopez-Nussa; and illustrated books like "La voluntad de prevalecer" by Mario Cremata.
He has more than fifteen personal and collective exhibitions in his trajectory. Currently works for various editorial and personal projects.